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Singapore Payroll Services

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Outsource Your Payroll Service To Us

Having been into the industry for several years, we are adept in offering highly responsive, professional and competitive payroll service in the industry. We have successfully imparted a range of comprehensive services to businesses, regardless of industry, their size, and type.

The key advantage of using our payroll services is getting easy access to innovation-driven payroll software. We use highly advanced software along with a team of talented payroll consultants to deliver world-class solutions in Singapore. Our payroll outsourcing Singapore covers payroll, tax and HR activities of the employees.

What Entails in Our Payroll Services?

We use advanced software to calculate wages/salaries/bonuses/allowances and tax deductions of employees.

  • Entry of overtime hours, allowances, bonus, claims, sales incentives and tax deductions.
  • Calculation & entry of total working days of employees.
  • The software is compliant with the labor laws- CPF, SDL, and IRAS regulations.
  • Employees can access electronic as well as carbon-based hard copies of payslips.
  • Generate Itemized payslips as per the regulations of MOM.
  • Submission of CPF, SDF and other donations to CPF Board.
  • Claim for maternity and child care from authority.

We calculate final payment for employees who resigned.

  • Entry of total working days on the software to get the total amount of payment of resigned employee.
  • Calculate the balance earned from annual leaves, Maternity Pay and Child Care leaves.

We prepare employee’s annual income tax forms.

  • Employer of the company must ensure a set of documents such as Form IR8A, FORM IR8S, Appendix 8A and Appendix 8B are produced properly.
  • Hardcopy Forms should be distributed to all employees.

Our Fee Structure

Monthly Payroll Retainer – Minimum 10 Employees S$400 Monthly
Monthly Payroll Retainer- from 11th employee onwards S$20 Per Person
IR21 (Manual and e-submission) S$250 Per Person
IR8A pre-sealed envelope S$3 Per IR8A envelope
IR8S and CPF capping S$3 Per person
Appendix 8A (Housing benefits) min. S$200 Per person

How Can You Help Us to Provide Better Service?

Your contribution is extremely needed to make the process of payroll complaint-friendly and effective. For this, you must do following things in every pay cycle.

  • Ensure to send us email instruction on changes, new hiring and resigned employees.
  • Make sure to approve our various tasks such as periodic payroll list, bank transfer letter and summary reports on scheduled time.

Advantages of Payroll Services

  • Your business will get high-end quality payroll service at low cost.
  • You can focus more on core business to enhance the productivity of the business.
  • Third-party payroll services in Singapore perform mundane and time-consuming tasks of data entry, calculation, and other activities on your behalf.
  • The payroll firm you take salary calculation burden off your shoulder, allowing you to the peace of mind.
  • You will get the real-time reports on payroll management.
  • You can minimize the operating costs of the business by keeping tabs on the records.
  • Accurate and timely payroll will keep your employee’s morale high.

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